About us


Prodromus LTD.

Our priority

is a continuous effort to make our devices help patients in the country and the world. We now offer a solution for the children, but we work to make our devices used by everyone.

Our vision

is to achieve the status of the global market player in the fileld of technologically advanced rehabilitation devices those that help people with disabilities in their daily lives.

Our mision

is designing and delivering children and adults devices those are effective, safe, high quality and in optimal price, which will create a new quality of life for people wronged by fate.

Our story in brief:

  • 2011 – first prototype for twins with cerebral palsy Children’s Memorial Health Institute positive opinion
  • 2012 – numerous media events, numerous awards and prices; negotiations with investors
  • 2013 – Prodromus company was founded on the basis of funds from Program 3.1 Initiating innovative activities Priority Axis 3, Capital for innovation Innovative Economy Operational Programme 2007-2013, invested by JCI Venture Krakow
  • 2014 – Trade “Rehabilitation” in Lodz – a prototype of the commercial version presented to the public
  • 2015, First half – the end of the study, obtaining certificates from TUV Nord, placing the appliance on the market, the agreement with the LIW Care Technologies as a national distributor
  • 2015, second half – the first implementation, the Gold Medal XXIII of Fair rehabilitation in Lodz, an exhibitor at the “Reha care” in Dusseldorf (Germany), the agreement on cooperation with the Krakow Academy of Physical Education and the State Higher Vocational School in Tarnow
  • 2016 – … now the further story is going on




The creator of the conception and Prodrobot prototype builder , a true “man of screws,” a man who is looking at any object knows how to do and what would it corrected.

In our team responsible for the overall supervision of the design, the sphere of technical and technological issues and production.

Privately, a lover of good food and gadgets.


team-01A lot of documents is necessary to built medical device. From the begining he has has been responsible for most of them and it looks – he will continue.

In our team he is responsible for management, quality system, service, bussines realations and all other “documents and papers issues”.


Privately a lover of physical activity and handman.


team-04There are only two such enthusiasts who contributed in Prodrobot creation – this is one of them.

In our team is responsible for the “wires”, to  the controls and programming.

Privately – the greatest madman of all of us. Without it, our work would be much sadder and more serious and the nights would be darker.


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