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Prodromus Electronic Visualisation System

ProdElvis is a software designed for adaptation for use with rehabilitation products, in particular for the Prodrobot Automated Gait Trainer and belongs to the group of real-time feedback systems.


Prodromus Polish brand

“Why can a Polish brand compete with the world?”


premiere of Prodrobot Magna

“This project is modeled on an automated pediatric’s gait rainer. It is also a device for the rehabilitation of lower limbs of patients with gait dysfunctions, but in a new mechanical, electronic and software version.”


Written about us

Written about us in Polish American Journal first side _Polish_American_Journal_October_2015

Innovations in Malopolska Region

in Malopolska Region, Poland
Companies that who go in for innovative technologies win
the market competition.”


Polish-Made Robot Treats Children

“Two young Polish scientists are helping place Poland on the forefront of innovation and technological advancement with their recent invention – a robot specially designed to provide therapy for children suffering from cerebral palsy and other gait issues.”


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