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MOTORE is a new portable robot designed for the rehabilitation of the upper limbs: it is used to treat patients after stroke or head injuries and helps both the patient and the therapist to achieve maximum therapeutic results.

Motore can sense and react to the force exerted by the patient; thanks to this function, the device can guess the patient’s intentions and react with the appropriate force for a better recovery.
The software package with several exercises and parameters is a powerful tool for the therapist to easily adapt the rehabilitation protocol to the patient’s needs. Measuring force, acceleration and speed at any time allows the robot to automatically adjust its behavior to the patient’s performance, while at the same time providing the therapist with an objective evaluation of the therapy. Motore detects even the smallest forces exerted by the patient and acts as a force multiplier, very effective in the case of hypotension. The motor moves smoothly and can also handle the patient’s spasms properly.

Benefits for the patient:

During therapy, Motore carries the weight of the arm. It helps the patient to move or even prevents wrong direction movements according to the patient’s needs. While the patient plays enthusiastic games, the audiovisual and force feedback stimulates his brain. The therapy protocol can be adapted to the patient and the patient’s motivation is strengthened by the awareness of improvement and difficult games. The size and ease of use of the device make Motore suitable for safe home therapy.

Benefits for the therapist:

At any time, the robot measures the patient’s strength and movement, ensuring a quantitative and objective evaluation of the results of the therapy.
After the device is quickly configured, the patient can perform the proposed exercises on his own, thanks to which the therapist can treat several patients at the same time.

MOTORE is used for:

  • Neurorehabilitation
  • Post-stroke rehabilitation
  • Cognitive recovery
  • Post-traumatic rehabilitation
  • Post-operative rehabilitation
  • Sports medicine
  • Workplace health protection


Portable, stand-alone, touchscreen,
wireless, battery powered robot. The system also includes a computer with a pre-installed software package and a table with electric height adjustment.


The software package includes games for training sensory-motor control, cognitive games and simulations of daily activities to regain fitness.


The software also includes data analysis and visualization of the values recorded during the training: assessment results are calculated and recorded at the end of each exercise and can be downloaded at any time from the patient database. Progress can be monitored and assessed.


Range of motion and strength are assessed through specific exercises, and the main rating scales are integrated into the software.



How is the patient mounted in Prodrobot?

The Prodrobot device has a sitting assistant, the patient in a sitting position is fastened with a harness and fixing the limbs.

In Prodrobot Magna there is a ramp for wheelchairs and a harness that fastens in a sitting position. The crane lifts the patient to an upright position to match the other fixings.

What devices does ProdElvis work with?

ProdElViS can be used as a biofeedback application and can be fully adapted to many devices dedicated to gait re-education and improvement of gait functionality, such as exoskeletons, trainers, walkers.

How can the device be adapted to work with ProdElvis?

The minimum requirements for system adaptation for other rehabilitation devices are:

  • dedicated mechanical elements for encoder assembly,
  • shoe insoles equipped with force sensors and connector,
  • wireless power supply system (charger + battery),
  • application available on various mobile devices.

What are the hardware requirements for installing ProdElvis?

ProdElvis works on Linux and Windows operating systems. The technical condition of the computer (i.e. processor, memory) only affect the smoothness of the application.

Where can you see Prodrobot?

Feel free to follow our website and fanpage on Facebook. We try to inform you about open shows, workshops and fairs where Prodrobot takes part.

Moreover Prodrobot is available in several facilities in Poland under the conditions set by their owners.

What are the dimensions of patients who exercise on Prodrobot?

With Prodrobot, the patient’s weight must not exceed 50 kg. Growth is limited primarily by the length of the limbs. This is due to the distance between the axis of the joints (ankle-knee, knee-hip), which should be between 29 and 37 cm for each pair of joints. This translates into a total patient height in the range of about 110 to 150 cm height. An important parameter is also the width of the hips, which can not howl more than 29 cm.

In contrast, Prodrobot Magna is adapted for patients between 140 and 200 cm height and weighing up to 130 kg.

What exercises does Prodrobot do?

Several exercises are available with adjustable intensity:

  • Walk – plays the anatomical gait patten
  • Swings – execution of gait without bending the knees
  • Squats – at the same time both legs are moving with the knee flexion
  • Bicycle – simulating the movement of pedaling on a bicycle
  • Stairs – simulating the stairs walking

All exercises allow you to adjust the speed and motion range.

How is Prodrobot powered?

Prodrobot is powered by a single-phase 230V electricity, like most household electrical appliances.
It is important that Prodrobot works in a electricity network protected by a differential switch, which makes it safe and in accordance with the standards requirements.

What are the dimensions of Prodrobot?

Prodrobot is a compact unit. The width of the device is 88 cm, length 76 cm, height 117 cm in sitting position and 147 cm in standing position.

Prodrobot Magna is a larger device, but it still does not require placing in special rooms. Its dimensions are 119.6 cm wide, 134.5 cm long and 180.9 cm high at rest, and 280.9 cm high.

How much Prodrobot weighs?

Prodrobot is about 160 kilograms.

Do you offer any solution for adults?

For adults, i.e. patients over 140 cm height, Prodrobot Magna is dedicated – it will has the premiere in 2022.

Can Prodrobot be bought by private individuals?

Yes, the device is small and easy to use at home.

Do I need special courses / education to operate with Prodrobot?

The robot’s operation is very simple and intuitive. Initial training is short and it is enough to use Prodrobot by yourself.

Is the device designed for active or passive exercise?

Prodrobot is a tool that can be used in a therapist’s hands in a passive and active way to a certain extent. When the patient is left alone and does not put effort into the training, you can certainly call it passive. When the therapist helps the patient to imitate the movement of the robot and stimulates the patient’s work to perform the correct movements, the therapy becomes active. The patient under the eye of the therapist puts a lot of effort into the training and Prodrobot only assists and watches over that each step will go to the ideal. The device continuously operates with invisible feedback system, which several times per second measures motion parameters and adjusts the power of the drives depending on how the patient affects on the orthoses.

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