Short history

The history of our company was born out of passion – willingness to help, talent and love to search for new solutions to real problems.

Children’s passion for building models gradually turned into a passion for building devices with a higher and higher degree of automation, to find their fullness in the form of rehabilitation robots.

During his studies, Grzegorz Piątek received a request to donate 1% of the tax to help twins with cerebral palsy. He decided that it was not enough to change the boys’ lives. That is why he decided to build a prototype of a robot as part of his master’s thesis and with his own funds, which he would give children for home rehabilitation. This is what happened, Jerzyk and Franek started their adventure with the robot in 2011. The interest of the media, patients and doctors in this project exceeded expectations. Grzegorz won the Ordinary Hero plebiscite.

Perseverance in pursuing the goal allowed us to build an efficient organization and brand with an international reach.

Prodromus was created out of passion and is built with passion!



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