Our team

Our priority

is a continuous effort to make our devices more helpful for patients locally and around the world. We currently offer a solution for children and we are working to make our devices useable for everyone.

Our vision

is to be a global market player in the field of technologically advanced rehabilitation devices for people with physical disabilities.

Our mission

is to design and deliver devices for children and adults which are safe, effective, high quality and at the optimal price. Our mission is to create a new quality of life for people wronged by fate.





A lot of documents are necessary to build a medical device. Bart has been responsible for documentation since the beginning. In our team, he is also responsible for the management, quality system, service, business relations and all other paperwork.


Director of Research and Development – Designer

The creator of the original concept, a Prodrobot prototype builder and a true “man of screws,” he is a person who looks at any object and knows how to fix it. In our team, he is responsible for the overall supervision of the design, technical issues and fabrication.


Sales Support, Media, Promotion

An engineer who combines a strict mind and education with an organizational sense. Joanna is responsible for the first line of contact, sales support, organization of all events and marketing activities.



Domestic and export sales, distribution

A trader who never leaves the phone and a smile. He feels good in the field, at the client’s, but also in front of the camera during online meetings. Responsible for sales in Europe and relations with distributors.



Export sales and distribution (outside Europe)

A trader with extensive experience in the medical industry, whose network of contacts reaches all continents. Responsible for sales outside Europe.



Head of the Research and Development Team

Innovation is No. 1 in Prodromus, it places emphasis on the development of our products. Responsible for the organization of the team’s work.


Service-Production Specialist

Responsible for the assembly process of robots, he mainly deals with the mechanical side, but also with the warehouse.


Service-Production Specialist

He deals with mechanical matters as well as electronics. In the case of impossible matters, he will always find a solution.



Service-Production Specialist

Responsible for the robot production process, in particular for the electronic site.

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