About us


Prodromus LTD.

Our priority

is a continuous effort to make our devices more helpful for patients localy and around the world. We currently offer a solution for children and we are working to make our devices useable for everyone.

Our vision

is to be a global market player in the field of technologically advanced rehabilitation devices for people with physical disabilities.

Our mission

is to design and deliver devices for children and adults which are safe, effective, high quality and at optimal price. Our mission is to create a new quality of life for people wronged by fate.

Our story in brief:

  • 2011 – first prototype for twins with cerebral palsy, approved by Children’s Memorial Health Institute
  • 2012 – won numerous awards and prices, media events, negotiations with investors
  • 2013 – the Prodromus company was founded on the basis of funds from Program 3.1 ‘Initiating Innovative Activities Priority Axis 3’, Capital for Innovation Innovative Economy Operational Programme 2007-2013, invested by JCI Venture Krak贸w
  • 2014 – Rehabilitation Trade Fair in 艁贸d藕 – a prototype of the commercial version presented to the public
  • 2015 (First half) – TUV Nord certification, marketplace introduction, natinal distribution agreement with the LIW Care Technologies
  • 2015 (Second half) – first implementation, the Gold Medal XXIII of Rehabilitation Trade Fair in 艁贸d藕, exhibited at Rehacare in Dusseldorf, cooperation agreement with the Krak贸w Academy of Physical Education and the State Higher Vocational School in Tarn贸w
  • 2016 – 4 additional robots implemented, Gold Medal with honorable mention, Intex Gold Medal at Innova Exhibition Brussels
  • 2017 – next 12 robots delivered and installed for children on 2 continents, the Innovator Ma艂opolski 2017 Award
  • 2018 – we have visited over 10 fairs and conferences across Europe, Asia and the both Americas
  • 2019 – first implementation of the ProdElvis product and start of electronic visualization system sales
  • 2021 – planned premiere of the Prodrobot Magna device for adults




A lot of documents are necessary to build a medical device. Bart has been responsible for聽documentation since the beginning.聽In our team he is also responsible for management, quality system, service, business realations and all other paperwork.

Privately, he is a lover of physical activity and a handyman.


Director of Research and Development – Designer

The creator of the original concept, Prodrobot prototype builder and a true “man of screws,” he is a person who looks at any object and knows how to fix it.聽In our team, he is responsible for the overall supervision of the design, technical issues and fabrication.

Privately, Grzegorz is a lover of good food and gadgets.


Sales Support, Media, Promotion

An engineer who combines a strict mind and education with an organizational sense. Joanna is responsible for the first line of contact, sales support, organization of all events and marketing activities.

Privately, she enjoys sitting with a good crime novel or an evening baking-pizza.


Domestic and export sales, distribution

A trader who never leaves the phone and her smile. She feels good in the field, at the client’s, but also in front of the camera during online meetings. She gets along very well with the youngest Prodrobot users, probably because she trains on such toddlers at her home.

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