Unique features

Prodrobot is a unique device in many respects …

… on a global scale. Prodrobot presents a unique concept of approach to therapy. It is devoid of a treadmill (which can cause an impactful foot movement), and at the same time allows for adjustable relief of the patient’s joints and recreates the movement pattern in 6 joints. This allows for a variety that is not available in other solutions (there is no device that reproduces the gait pattern, allows you to do squats, simulate cycling and climbing stairs in one structure).
In an extreme case, the difference in the length of the exerciser’s limbs may be even 16 cm, which is also not ensured by any other robotic device imitating the gait pattern. It is equipped with numerous adjustments that allow it to be adjusted to each patient individually. Despite the aforementioned features, Prodrobot is a compact and lightweight device that is intuitively easy to use. Operation is via the control panel and is as simple as using an ATM.
The current design allows for very extensive development of the device software, which with the passage of time will make it even more unique and original.

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